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3/4 John Juzek SOLD Oct. 2022

3/4 John Juzek SOLD Oct. 2022

41″ string length.


Notes from Bob: The bass is a nice sounding instrument, and I believe in particular it would shine in a jazz setting. Looking underneath the top you can see the open crack extending along the treble side of the bass bar.  Because of this, the top has been deforming quite a bit over the years (see attached picture). There is also a repaired crack at the edge of the treble side bridge foot. Normally you would have a sound post patch, but this hasn’t been done either. The neck repair and the overlay piece in the button area (the typical Juzek decorative inlay may well be underneath that) looks pretty coarse, but everything seems to be solid.  Repairing the bass bar crack and re-arching the top involves removing the top and bass bar, making a cast of the top, installing a new bass bar etc. Doing this and the sound post patch and cleaning up any other repairs you could spend approximately $4000 possibly more. We are offering this bass for $5000 in as-is condition and will let the new owner decide on the repairs.


Notes from Jason:  This bass is a killer sounding Juzek even in it’s current condition. If you are a jazz player looking for a Juzek come check it out.

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